Welcome to DnyanMudra Tutorials undoubtedly Pune’s Best Institute for XI | XII | NEET (UG) | JEE (Main) | JEE (Adv) | MHT-CET | NATA. We understand your worries about your child's career. There is such a massive contentment waiting ahead when your child will succeed in the entrance exam and get admitted in the topmost Engineering / Medical / Architecture College in India. However the apprehension of the coming two years will make it a journey of uncertain twists and turns.

We have observed that parent's over involvement and emotional content associated with the student's studies, makes it tougher for the students to make right decisions. This situation also makes it difficult or uncomfortable for the parents to confront the child about low performance or suggesting where additional efforts are required. This is the point where a perfect and trustworthy coaching center can step in. A coaching center if chosen wisely can help the students in imparting required knowledge as well as monitoring the individual student's performance over next two years.

For this, 'DnyanMudra’ is the only trustworthy option where parents will be updated about their child's performance on a daily basis in addition to offering higher quality education which is our prime focus. Besides keeping you updated, we also conduct periodic counseling, parent meetings and group discussions to review performance of your child.

We also provide 24x7 access to your child's attendance, marks and test schedules through our e-learning module (www.dnyanmudra.com). We provide safe, competitive and friendly environment at our institute to facilitate overall growth of our students. As our institute is located in the heart of the city, we make your child's journey convenient which in turn gives a sign of relief to the parents.

A thought that every parent must carry in their mind, is to provide their child with the best academic support, which is essential for their career growth. The differentiating methodology at DnyanMudra comprises state of the art facilities, holistic teaching methodology, well designed study materials, test series, performance reports, periodic feedbacks, parents meetings etc. This coaching approach has enabled us to provide toppers in almost all the entrance exams.

"Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential."